Another sleepless night courtesy of thoughts of you again
Can’t quite make words out of what puts you over the top when it comes to others in my mind
Your entire being fascinates me beyond any want or desire imaginable
You’re not BAD
You’re not BEAUTIFUL
I wouldn’t dare belittle you with either of those worthless words…


"live life with no regrets." - unknown. I don’t know where the quote comes from but i respect it even more know than ever. these previous good words have been things i’ve witnessed others or been through personally. I, as i’m sure many others, have my fair share of regrets. some big, some small. one of my biggest regrets are my lack of communication with some family and older friends or associates. a lot of people lose contact or like myself have poor communication skills. it’s life. you miss out on so much. good times, bad times, fun, laughter, pain, growing and learning experiences. another regret is missing out on quality time with quality people. see, the way life is set up… but seriously, life is crazy. one thing i learned is to appreciate, value, and care for the people you love while they’re here, because once that privilege is gone… it’s gone. these 2 regrets correlate because the potential gain is amazing but the potential loss can be so much. 

imagine: you take advantage of communicating and keeping relationships open. networking. expanding. growing. also, quality time with people you value. no wishing there was more time or having a heavy heart. good times and memories gained. be thankful. be appreciative. be humble. spread love. spread peace. and last but not least, live life with no regrets.  

does it always happen like this? of course not. but it’s definitely worth trying. think about some regrets and some you laugh at, some definitely sit on your mind and cause you to wonder. should you have tried harder in school? should you have went smack at that girl you’ve liked since the 7th grade? should you have tried harder and put more work ethic into basketball, football, being a good partner in your relationship, being a better son, better brother, better friend, better human being, just better? definitely sit’s on the brain once the questions start. 

all i can say, my opinion of course what you do with it is what you do with it, live life to the best of your capabilities. take advantage of opportunities that present themselves. love as much as you can. do as much as you can. see as much as you can. do everything as much as you can. don’t leave here with any regrets man. and be thankful.

i’d like to dedicate this good word to my Great Uncle P, The Wonderful Miss Hay, and last but not least my man’s Marcus Dorsey. 3 really good people who were recently called home. 3 people i regret not spending more time with. 3 individuals who were kind, giving, and very cool to be around. they will most definitely be missed by every person whose life they’ve entered. i have nothing but positive experiences shared with each of them, and not one minuscule negative thing to say about either of them. may they rest peacefully and continue to watch over us.  also, rest peacefully to Polo of TCB. one of my favorite lead mic’s from one of my favorite band’s. respected his courage to be different at a time when all the bands were using the same sound to create something different, succeed, excel, and eventually have his sound used by every single band to come after. also much respect to him for being a successful entrepreneur.


Communication is…. a lot of things. In this case, it’s not used enough or when it’s used it’s used poorly. We barely speak anymore. I’m guilty of this. I am one of the most anti-social people on earth. Nah, i’m lying but it’s crazy I can hold a conversation with almost group or any one person, but I’m not usually the person who begins the convo. The problem today is how, what and who. Simple, simplified, etc… most important, can be easily resolved. 

What and Who?

You ever sit back after having a conversation with someone and wonder why were y’all even talking about that? Yeah me too. Some convo’s don’t do nothing but bring unwanted drama. It usually happens the same way most times. 

Example: (People: 1,2, and 3.)
1 and 2 are talking about whatever. Randomly (for no apparent reason) 2 decides to bring his/her issues with 3. 1 either want’s to know to be noisy or doesn’t care because the issue has nothing to do with him/her. 1 can start drama and go back and tell 3 what 2 said which will cause more issues. Or 2 can finally man up (respectively to the females also) and go and tell 3 about the beef he/she has with them. Here’s the thing about that, 2 is probably gonna say “Yeah, I told 1…blah blah blah….”. Either 3 won’t care or 3 will wonder why 1 didn’t tell them what 2 said about them. And ladies and gentlemen, with that playing out, I introduce you to Drama. Which all could’ve been avoided if 2 just told 3 how they felt or whatever the case may have been.

The funniest thing about these situations are how much remixing usually goes on. What was originally said almost never remains in its original form. You told John Boy Pete told you the sky was red around 4:45pm. John Boy tell Rick you said Pete was talking to the feds at 4:45pm. Rick tell Pete you said you goin’ smack him upside his head at 4:45pm… and so on and so forth. Again, ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to re-introduce you to Drama. All because people have issues keeping their stories straight. At the end of the day man, all the bs and extra curricular could have been avoided if people talked about things worth talking about with people worth talking to. Simple. But hey I’m definitely guilty of getting caught up in the madness too. Just gotta pay it no mind. Unless you’re care about that kind of stuff, then by all means do you.


Your tone of voice can change everything. Gotta watch how you talk to people. Especially nowadays where people are more emotional, more irrational, and likely to do more stupid oc stuff to prove their ‘heart’. Sensitivity is really high out here. That person you screamed on yesterday, may come back later looking for you with means of hurting you, all because of how you spoke to them. Like I previously stated man, nowadays a lot of people are careless.A person will take your life to get your respect or respect from others. Crazy as it may sound, it’s true. But besides that. Acting like you have proper home training and your parents raised you properly is not a bad thing. Give respect and you’ll earn it. Talk to others, how you want others to talk to you. What’s the point of continuously cursing out, screaming on, belittling, and blatantly disrespecting a person. Then when they spaz or just knock you out, you looking stupid and in your feelings. Having manners is ok. Have some respect. If there isn’t any being returned to you, you have 3 options. Be the bigger person, be the same person, or be the smaller person. Up to you. 

I’m not a guru. I’m not perfect. The situations I speak on are somethings I witness in others lives and my own. The solutions I come up with are all based on my own opinions. I’m not trying to tell you how to live. Whether you choose to incorporate them in your life or not is up to you. At the end of the day… I’m just offering 
A Good Word.

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. 

– Source Unknown.

"Nobody owes you anything in life." You figure if 'You loan someone something' or 'Do a favor for someone’ then you’re entitled to being owed by the individual(s). But you’re not. You should never do something for someone with the intent of them owing you anything in return. You should do it because you want to. You can say 'NO'. It’s not illegal. You owe no one. No one owes you. If you live life expecting hand outs or returned favors, you’re probably not going to have the life you expect. I’m a firm believer in the quote “You get out of life whatever you put in it” or something close to that. I believe in karma as well. Do good amongst others and yourself as well, and life will see to it that you are rewarded. It might not be something of monetary value. It could be something that’s huge, but we take advantage of: Good health, Clean Air, Respect, Love, Positive Vibes, free things with higher value than the most wealthiest materials you can fathom. 

And in the same breath, be appreciative over everything you receive. You wouldn’t believe how difficult people have it compared to you. I recently witnessed how generous a friend can be and how insensitive and unloving a family can be. The best thing about it was how calm and loving the individual was throughout the events. They didn’t let the negativity throw them off, weaken them, or allow them to act out of character. She was happy, loving, and grateful throughout the entire time. Amazing man. That whole scenario is for another day… but we can all be a little more appreciative of things. We take advantage of so much. You may not have that dream career or job you wanted that pay’s $300,000 a year but at least you have a job. You may not be in the home or neighborhood of your dreams, but at least you have shelter. You may not be driving the $90,000+ 2014 Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, etc, but at least you have your own whip. 


your family, friends, and those who love you and genuinely have your best interest at heart.
Just be Appreciative
Continue to grind and work hard|smart, put your best foot forward each day, be appreciative but still hungry and you’ll have your want’s before you know it. Positivity and optimism is also key. A lot of people look at or focus on the negative, doesn’t mean you have to.